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Summit Chuch Audio Podcast

Mar 25, 2018

During his last week of earthly ministry, Jesus taught on receiving and living with the indwelling of the Spirit.

1. Remain filled with your anointing

2. Don't try to live off someone else's anointing

Mar 21, 2018

Randy Hill is the senior leader of The Summit Church, as well as the Regional Director of SOZO, based in north Texas.

You are a kingdom inheriting, power wielding, son or daughter of the Most High God. Receive all these things, and walk in the confidence of knowing who you are. Begin to live in the power of "THIS is me!"

Mar 11, 2018

Danny Silk, founder and President of Loving On Purpose MinistriesDanny Silk, founder of Loving On Purpose Ministries and is part of the senior leadership team at Bethel Church in Redding, Californina, teaches on "Developing a Wealth Mindset" at The Summit.

A wealth mentality is living in the knowledge of the resources available to you as a child of the king. Consider all those...