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Summit Chuch Audio Podcast

Feb 5, 2018

Jack Taylor concludes the Cosmic Initiative conference with this teaching on receiving the Kingdom of God

Jan 28, 2018

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Jan 21, 2018

Randy Hill teaches on God's direction for your life:

  • Quitting is a bigger problem than failure
  • God doesn't direct you by your failure, He directs you by your destiny
  • He doesn't focus Himself on your past, He focuses you on your future
  • Provision for your destiny comes through faithful obedience to what God is saying...

Jan 14, 2018

Randy Hill teaches on learning to hear and recognize the word of God:

  • logos, the written Word
  • rama, what He is presently speaking

Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word (logos and rama)

Your ability to hear is trained by listening to what He has said / is saying

"And as He is, so are you in this...

Dec 31, 2017

Randy Hill teaches on the seed of your promise. 

  • Father God planted the seed for the promised Messiah in the people of Israel while they were captive in Babylon.
  • The word of God carries with it the power to fulfill itself
  • We need to engage with investment rather than entitlement

Engage with investment not entitlement